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A Snowy Abbey with Avonné Photography

A Snowy Abbey with Avonné Photography

Hi there! It’s a new week and we’re just about recovering from the snow. However, not everyone saw the snow as a total disaster. Avonné Photography and a team of suppliers embraced the weather and tamed the ‘Beast from the East’ in this incredible bridal shoot. So before the snow disappears completely and we pack up the snow boots until next year, let’s just reflect on the magic that a little (or a lot) of snow can make. 

Avonné Photography has an authentic style capturing those true moments on a couple's wedding day. This shoot at Valle Crucis Abbeys is enchanting, atmospheric and portrays a dark, serene elegance and beauty. A lovely start to the week! Enjoy!

And so to Wed - Valle Crucis Abbey - Avonné Photography1.jpg

Here’s a little from Avonné herself about her inspiration…

This 2018 year started off fantastic for me. I was in the UK for a two month long adventure hiking mountains, and visiting various eateries and sites around the country. Thomas and I came across the Valle Crucis Abbey while exploring Wales on a day out. I leaned over to him and said "I want to shoot here, I see so many things I can do here". He agreed and gave me the 'Let's do this' stare. 
I reached out to the bride who's wedding I am shooting in the UK in June and texted her a photo of the Abbey and she said  "WHERE AND WHEN?". haha! I guess you can say she was excited! We looked for at least a week finding different dresses, and florals. We finally found two beautiful dresses, and I went to a local floral shop near Thomas's house. I bought all the floral pieces separately and pieced a bouquet together. I am no florist by any means, but the end product came out beautifully. We shot this beautiful bride in January so we were graced with beautiful snow that morning of and it was absolutely magical. Thomas, Tabitha and I had an absolute blast freezing our bums off, and cracking jokes. We created magic and I would do it ALL over again in a heartbeat.

Valle Crucis Abbey, in Wales, is a stunning backdrop for the bridal shoot. The lighting oozing through the openings in the ruins creates gorgeous pools of light that Avonné has used to highlight the bride to be. It looks stunningly dramatic and serene. The romantic makeup by Sasha Brown Makeup is striking, the deep red lips and dark eyes are the dream combo for a winter bride. 

The long sleeved, lace wedding dress and veil add a vintage bridal touch perfect for the Abbey’s backdrop and snowy scenes. The veil is such a powerful accessory for this shoot. The images of the delicate fabric draped over the bride and overflowing onto the stone floor showcase how a veil can have such a big impact on your wedding style. It adds mystery and a little hint of tradition. 

The flower crown by Tabitha Earp Makes brings a fresh boho look to the vintage trend. The focus on the foliage complimenting the bouquet which was put together by Avonné herself with flowers from Melanie Louise Flowers (Floral Shop)  A multi-talented lady! 

The stationery set from Cristina Leis Calligraphy mirroring the vintage vibe in the dress and venue is beautifully detailed in the texture and calligraphy. It looks like it belongs within the Abbey walls, an antique discovered and delicately revived. 

So we know we should be in the mood for Spring, but just hang on, this shoot makes us want those snowy days to last a little longer. Either that, or we can not wait to see you next year. Please make another appearance so we can get more dreamy wedding photographs and romantic snowy scenes. This shoot has been so inspiring for styling your winter wedding look. Be bold, be mysterious, a bit boho and always treasure the vintage. Do not fear the snow, embrace it on your wedding day, it will be magical. 

With thanks to…

Photography || Avonné Photography

Bride || Tabitha Earp

1st Wedding Gown || Chi Chi Clothing

2nd Wedding Gown || ASOS

Flower Crown || Tabitha Earp Makes

Makeup || Sasha Brown Makeup

Bouquet || Melanie Louise Flowers (Floral Shop)

Photo retouching || Design Flight

Stationery || Cristina Leis Calligraphy


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