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Halloween Wedding Style

Halloween Wedding Style

Bubble bubble toil and trouble, glitter and glue guns and stress to the double. That’s how the little ditty goes, right, when they’re stirring their big pot of love potion?

I’ve always wished Hallowe’en to be over as quickly as possible, because it was the official marker for when I was allowed to start playing Christmas songs out loud in the house. But hold the witch hunt – see what I did there?—researching for this blog post has changed my mind. It’s obvious to me that, nose warts and green slime aside, Hallowe’en is an exceptional time of year for all of our favourite things at And So To Wed: décor, crafting, and sweet treats. And it translates SO WELL to weddings too! That’s the way to my heart – Hallowe’en, you’ve won me over. (But…can I play Mariah yet?).

So if you’re wanting a Hallowedding but you also want to toe the line of subtlety, we’ve amassed 5 ways of making your big day a carnival of colour, rather than a carnival of horror.

1. Take a leaf from our Atlantic friends and centre your décor around pumpkins. If you’ve got time beforehand, carve them with your wedding party as a bonding experience, and line them down the aisle, or as centrepieces. If you know anyone who’s deft with a knife and a pencil, ask them to cut out your silhouettes from the pumpkins – they’ll look fab on the top table. Alternatively, wrap them in tulle or black lace for a slightly glitzier, traditional wedding look, or hollow them out and fill with flowers for rustic charm. Use mini pumpkins – ‘munchkin pumpkins’, as they’re being called – for name cards.

2. Include plenty of tricks and treats in the day. Incorporate the idea of the custom by placing scavenger hunt details on each table that will encourage mingling and giggles – for example, take a photo with a man called James, swap shoes with someone on the dancefloor, buy the table a round of mystery liquid. Not only are these great ice-breakers but they’re fab deal-breakers too, bringing the spirit of neighbourhood Hallowe’en to a wedding.

3. Have a dessert table that’s boo-tiful (harhar). Halloween themed treats don’t have to stop at a huge selection of pic n mix (and maybe some apples, because there’s always that one neighbour isn’t there?). On top of incorporating your favourite chocolates into new cake flavours – try a Twix-flavoured cake or a Kinder Bueno brownie – why not go for some terrific treats, in both senses of the word? Try chocolate skulls from The Whimsical Cake Company, meringue ghosts from the Meringue Girls, and toffee apples for that extra poisoned kick.

4. Go dark. Elegant gothic is the way forward – use blacks, rich purples and reds as your accent colours. Think deep aubergine Calla Lilies and jewel-toned Dahlias, and consider some white Spring Anemones to set the bouquet off.

5. Don’t forget the finishing touches. Get a ‘til death do us part’ skeleton cake topper, have pillar candles everywhere, use a huge leather-bound gilded book as a guestbook, and present the your rings at the altar on a cushion with a model hand. Everything can be incorporated!

Whether it’s a small nod to the genre or a full-blown screamfest, Hallowe’en weddings are SO exciting. We love the glamour and intrigue they provide – the perfect October gift!

Would you like a Hallowe’en wedding? How would you do it? Let us know in the comments!  

With thanks to:

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